Monday, August 8, 2016

Sheep's Meadow

Summer in the city has been unbearably hot and humid, but for the most part, a killer time. Look at the calendar. It is already August, which means it is inching closer to Fall, my favorite season! I love the aspects of what the city offers in the summer, but I'm not a humongo fan of the weather. The free ice cream, concerts, and movies will be missed, but the fall and winter will be openly welcomed. 

Of which, watch my latest vlog to see what tings Daniel, Silas, and I tried to hit up:

Also, I really am contemplating on turning into a photographer. It is so fun and I am obsessed with my kind of new, but not really Sony camera. Definitely digging the over exposed pictures from this set!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Men's S/S 2017

Although I always prefer the fall/winter seasons, this round of the New York men's collections ended great. Fashion week is always a busy and hectic one with trying to wake up early and catch the first show. This season, they opened up the Cadillac House, which is another platform in addition to Skylight Clarkson Square. 

Last season, I vlogged about fashion week, but it was a little too lengthy. This season, I put it into two parts. Please subscribe to my channel, check out both videos, and give a thumbs up!

Part 1:

Part 2:

All the designers that presented this season were amazing. Each with their own style, whether that's the pieces itself or how it was presented. Here are just a few of my favorite looks.
Timo Weiland / Nick Graham / Kenneth Ning
Carlos Campos / Ovadia & Sons / Tim Coppens
 John Elliot / Woodhouse / General Idea
Photos from: FashionGPS/NowFashion

Saturday, July 16, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Men's Spring/Summer 2017

Another great season of NYFWM has ended and it has built up more personal style inspiration from the runway and the streets. The past two seasons were held at Skylight Clarkson with a few off-site shows, but this season, it also included Cadillac House. The new venue is on Hudson, which is literally a street from Washington (Skylight Clarkson), so the walk really is not too bad in heels. 

I kept my outfits to either a shorts or pants look, because this is, after all, men's fashion week and not women's. It was such a busy 4 day event. So busy, that I had to put my vlog into two parts. Watch the first part here!

First look was a simple V Files Sport Plus crop top paired with my mini houndstooth trousers.

Black crop top: V Files Sport Plus
Houndstooth trousers: Thrift Store
Black/blue 'Eleanora' Platform Oxfords: Opening Ceremony
Black purse: Thrift Store

 I love that men are branching out into jumpsuits, so I wore one too.
Navy/black jumpsuit: Kisua
Black open toe booties: Zara
Vintage LV purse
Wood watch: c/o TreeHut
PS: Can you spot my sprout?

 I love my blacks and whites, but I also love colorblocking primary colors together.
Red crop top button up: Thrift Store
Yellow shorts: Thrift Store
Blue purse: Badgley Mischka
White heels: Zara
Wood watch: c/o TreeHut

Simple, with detail. Staple white button up, but with colored buttons and x's to match the shorts.
White button up: Thrift Store (Cherokee)
Patterned shorts: Color of Heat
Black lace heels: Altuzarra
Blue backpack: c/o Light in the Box

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Touch of Red in the Lips

Another round of Fourth of July with red, white, and blue. I kept it fairly festive, aka simple. My outfit consisted of the white and blue, but I added the red to my lips for the American impact. 
During the day, it was sunny with partly cloudy. When it was nearing the evening, the clouds came rolling in and what do ya know: it rained while the fireworks were going off. What a bummer, right?

Blue turtle neck crop top: American Apparel
White high waist pants: Thrift Store
White platform sandals: Boohoo

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tennis Skirt; No Tennis

 Oh, summer has finally touched the city and that just means going back to my uniform of crop tops and shorts. In this look, I opted not for my usual shorts, but a tennis skirt. Plot twist: I don't play tennis. However, I DO like playing it...sometimes. I grabbed my blue backpack for a not so -black & white- look and wore my awesome wood watch from Tree Hut.

Houndstooth crop top: American Apparel
Black tennis skirt: Reebok
Black platform shoes: Zara
Blue backpack: c/o Light in the Box
Wood watch: c/o Tree Hut
Chokers: Enamour Entirety

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Whites

The all white look is a risky one. By risky I mean, you absolutely have to be careful about what you eat or else it will leave a mark if you drop it. That, and make sure it is not raining out or else. Thank goodness I was not my derpy self because I made it through the whole day without spilling anything on me.
White crop top: c/o Romwe
White high waist pants: Thrift store
Black boots: Zara

Friday, May 13, 2016

Little Lace

Lace can automatically turn a whole look girly. Even a tiny peak of it. I am wearing my usual tomboy style pants, but I decided to pair it with this slight crop top hemmed with lace. I am already transitioning to lighter colors because Tennessee has been in the 80s as of late. This may or may not last long due to the fact I will be on my way back to New York in a few days!
White lace crop top: A'gaci
Burgundy pants: It was my grandmother's
Black slide sandals: Zara
Black woven backpack: c/o Light in the Box